Want Joy to take a look at your work?

Editing Services include: 

  • Developmental editing help
  • Deep Edit of Content
  • Deep Edit of Context
  • Deep Edit of Continuity
  • Feedback on Flow
  • Feedback on Readability
  • And More

Line Edits include:

  • Redundancy Issues
  • Repetitious Word Issues
  • Weasel Word Issues - Common and Specific to Author
  • Sentence Structure Issues
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Style and Voice Consistency

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Editing Services

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Not sure what to do next with your work-in-progress? 

Mentoring Services include: 

  • MS Formatting Instruction for Synopses, Proposals, Traditionally published works
  • Suggestions for Plot Structure
  • Suggestions for Characterization
  • Suggestions on Voice
  • Instruction for Self Edits ~Tightening, Strengthening, Etc.

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